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    Focused care
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    Scribes will
    Complete patient charts
    Manage EMR & Prescription
    Organize all patient data

How Scribes Work?

APS Scribe is an innovative way of managing medical records, patient transcription and prescriptions. Our Virtual Scribes/ APS Scribes are connected to computers in the examination rooms via a secure video connection, and transcribes patient records in EMR/EHR systems in real-time.

The Scribes maintain an online video room throughout a day’s schedule, transcribing visits and taking notes, while the examination is underway. By the end of the day all patient records are complete.

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Higher quality of care

APS Scribe have the knowledge and training to perform various tasks for the doctor/physician; allowing them to dedicate full attention to patient satisfaction and wellness.

Increased patient volume

APS Scribe transcribes patient charts and manages all their medical records in the EMR, eventually saving valuable time for examining more patients.

Complete and accurate information

APS Scribe ensure timely completion of patient notes without compromising quality and securing patient records reducing business risk.

APS Scribe

To improve your documentation

After performing a quick analysis, APS Scribe will in no time take over management of your patient workflow and EMR management

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Healthcare-partners, ensuring success

Determined to improve healthcare through maximum facilitation of the physicians.

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    APS Scribe waits for the exam to begin

    Your staff will upload the appointment schedule in the EHR, which communicates to the scribe the schedule. APS Scribe then connects to your room using secure video connection and will be waiting for the exam to begin.

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    Patient chart preparation

    A medical assistant or nurse brings the patient for examination, APS Scribe logs in to the EMR and enters history (medical, social etc), vitals and other notes. Afterwards our scribe starts transcribing the actual medical examination, reviews the previous patient records and makes necessary updates.

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    Patient chart completed

    At the end of each patient exam, patient notes are completed and ready for a final review. At the same time other medical records such as laboratory results, prescriptions etc are also updated into the EHR.

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